The Build

The buildout process is extremely complex and needs to be carried out with precision.  It's like a moving piece of art.  I love photographing this process because as a concertgoer myself, I'm fascinated by everything that goes into making the big show come to life.

Here we capture the event being built itself as well as the people who are making it all happen.  

The Show

Its why we're here; for the show.  Lots of lights, video walls, pyro; all gone in a flash.  The fans will love it but who will ever see it again?  

Here is where we show the fruits of all your companies labor.  The show, the finished product.


Tradeshows are art too.  A finite and fixed space, but still endless possibilities.  Rules are liberating, and staying within the lines opens up challenges and success.

Here is where we show the world your innovative tradeshow booth.  

Timelapse Videos

All this work in just a few seconds.  Beauty hidden in every frame.  The time-lapse has become more and more popular, and one of the very best ways to display what your company does.  Best of all, it plays really well on social media and in just about any marketing capacity.